Golf Del Sur - A Whistle Stop Tour

The fantastic array of plants, shrubs and flowers on show at the garden centre at the very top of the resort, gives an indication of what to expect in the picturesque resort of Golf Del Sur .

The first time you drive down the long straight road into "The Golf" it will become clear that there is something special, hidden away in this little Oasis on the south coast of Tenerife. The sea is sprawled in front of you, the road is lined with palm trees and the green of the golf course contrasts beautifully with the barreness of the rest of the island.

One of the most magical things about the Golf is that lovely smell of freshly mown grass coming from the fairways conjuring up images of an English village green in mid August after a scattering of rain.

Golf Del Sur

The "Helter Skelter" sign welcomes you to Golf Del Sur and this is when you begin to appreciate the resort. The golf fairways stretch out either side of the road, to the left, it winds upwards to the mountains in the distance and to the right, it cascades down to the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Barring the odd off-shoot, the Golf mainly consists of one winding one-way system working its way from the golf club house at the top of the resort, round past the new marina, up to the main Commercial Centre at "San Blas" and back up towards the golf course.

Golf Del Sur Golf Course

The first complex you will see is "The Palms" on the left hand side which is well worth a look. Four stunning swimming pools set within picturesque grounds as well as a highly reputable restaurant makes this is a very popular complex.

"Las AdelFas" is the next complex you will come to which is next to the very popular Irish bar, Grandee O'Donnells, home of all the top sporting events by day and some high quality live music in the evening.

As you continue around the one way system the popular holiday apartments of Park Albatross are on the right, whilst those who enjoy a pampering must visit the Atlantic Spa next door with its spa, whirlpools, hydro-massage, jacuzzi, massage and gym.

Winter Gardens is one of the best maintained complexes in the area, with high quality accommodation, a lovely sunny pool area and of course the Tenerife International Bowls stadium.

Aguamarina Apartments Golf Del Sur

Just past Winter Gardens you can leave the one way system and drop down to the sea and the westerly corner of the Golf. Here you will find the stunning front line complex of Aguamarina that offers the most gorgeous sea views, many apartments with balconies that literally sit above the Atlantic!

Opposite Aguamarina is The Wild Geese, the sister pub to Grandee O'Donnells, offering the same friendly ambience and good entertainment.

In this little corner of the Golf lies the new marina and its many sea front restaurants set on a picturesque promenade. There is also a very small shingle beach. Many people come from miles around to eat at the "Teppanayaki" restaurant. Watch the Japanese chief cook your dinner in front of you but be aware of low flying food!

Golf Del Sur Marina

For those who like a bargain, outside the Aguamarina Hotel is the home of Golf Del Sur's Friday market.

Next to the marina, is the newly built link road to the neighbouring resort of Amarilla Golf and Country Club. With this new stretch of road it is quick and easy to walk between the two resorts which are beginning to merge as one.

Heading back on yourself and onto the one way system, the road begins to veer upwards away from the sea. On the left you will see the older complex of Golf Park followed by the new and modern front block of Ocean Golf and Country Club.

Ocean Golf and Country Club

Being probably the most prestigious complex in the area, Ocean Golf combines new, modern and fresh accommodation with picturesque pool areas and lovely sea and golf course views from its balconies. In front of the complex is a the best Tapas / Wine bar around. At "Dabdas" you will always be given a warm welcome by the owners, Sinead and Walter. Tell them Jon and Louisa Stewart sent you and you will definitely be looked after!

As the road continues to wind uphill, the fairways of the south course are still on your right and opposite lies Terrazas De la Paz (terraces of peace) that offers some stunning sea views from the surprisingly spacious terraces.

You will soon see the signs for the resort centre of the Golf, Centro Commerical San Blas and it is on this corner where you will find the famous Sand Club complex. A two minute walk to San Blas, sea views from the pool area and a 24 hour reception make this a very popular choice.

Alamos Park Golf Del Sur Villa

San Blas is a slight detour off the main one way system and is the area where many people flock to at night to enjoy an evening meal or evening entertainment. Before you reach the Commercial Centre there is an estate called Alamos Park which is where the most luxurious villas on the Golf are located. All with private pools and many with sea and golf course views within large grounds puts these villas at the elite end of the market.

Sunset View is the term used for the road that drops down towards the sea to San Blas and is also the name of the complex opposite. Proximity to the Commercial Centre and lovely sea views makes this a very popular complex. Anyone visiting the Golf must visit the restaurant within Sunset View with it's cabaret bar style evening entertainment.

In front of the commerical centre and right on the sea front is the hugely popular called San Miguel Village. Here you have large apartments and spacious villas, many of which have lovely sunny front gardens and sea views. San Miguel Village has some of the best villas in the area, all of which share a gorgeous sea front pool.

San Blas Golf Del Sur

Within the Commercial centre you will find three picturesque squares each with an array of boutiques, good quality bars and restaurants, banks, a doctor, a chemist, and a large supermarket. In Tenerife, it is unusual to find such a pretty square with neat stone buildings and a friendly atmosphere.

There are plenty of bars to choose from where you will be greeted warmly by the locals. Friends bar with it's popular happy hour, chatty bar staff, quizzes and karaoke has always been a favourite. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy K's Bar which shows all the major sporting events. Most of the bars have some evening entertainment but the top and main squares also have their own outside singers and dancing acts.

San Blas Commercial Centre

The restaurants in San Blas are too many to mention but it's worth highlighting that some of the quieter (and some might say more classy) restaurants are out the back of the main square which many people can miss. "Gullivers Grillhouse" has an excellent reputation, as does "The Lobster Pot". There is also a gorgeous Tapas restaurant called "The Patio de Oro". At the back of the square, you will also find Golf Del Sur's only nightclub, Taboos with music and drinking until the early hours.

From the back of San Blas you get views across the gorge to Los Abrigos which is a quaint Spanish fishing village and a marina that is home to some of the best fresh fish on the island. Definitely worth a visit on at least one occasion - perhaps combining it with a trip to the night market on a Tuesday night.

Head back up the hill from San Blas and you are back on the one way system. The golf course is on your left and so is the very pretty area called "Fairway Village". Set within the golf course, the village is full of lined villas each with their own gardens - most of them enjoying sea and golf course views.

As you get back onto the one way system you are again heading along Palm tree lined roads with some the beautifully landscaped gardens of the east part of the Alamos Park estate on your right hand side. Before you know it, you will be back at the top of Golf Del Sur and back to the clubhouse where there is also tennis courts and crazy golf. Here you will hesitate - do you really want to head back out into the hustle and bustle of the real world? Why not stay and enjoy the tranquil picturesque setting of Golf Del Sur!